Artist Statement

I delight in the shape, color, and pattern of botanical elegance. With tiny glass bead on textiles, I stitch my intimate impressions of nature. It brings a sense of peace. My artwork express my sense of place, my deep appreciation for and unique relationship with the shores of Lake Superior and forest trails of Northern Minnesota. From this picture book world I stitch images of the familiar yet ever changing patterns of the seasons, the flora, fauna, sky, and waters. Through my work I invite the viewer to share a connection to nature, the abundant variety, peace, and beauty that can be found in our world.

"Painting with beads" is the best way to explain my art making. Beads are my "paint" applied with needle and thread onto a “canvas” of felted wool. Each “painting” is then framed and ready to exhibit.

For me life is tactile and labor intensive ... like my beadwork. Each felted wool foundation (the canvas) is designed and created in my studio, allowing me a range of simple to complex backgrounds for the beadwork. This material adds color, depth and texture to my work and becomes an integral part of the finished image. After creating the canvas I begin the bead embroidery. It’s a patient art form. Choosing one bead at a time and stitching up to a hundred beads per square inch, it can take days, weeks, or months to complete a piece. While continuing to explore beads and fiber as my medium, I produce images that express my personal experience, the inspiring moments of being here, the stories of my life and place.

My beaded landscapes have found homes throughout the region, state, country, and Europe. Explore my gallery pages for available works. You can contact me for more information or to purchase my bead art. I would be happy to talk with you about a commission piece for your personal collection.