Artist Statement

I delight in the shape, color, and pattern of botanical elegance. With tiny glass bead and textiles, I stitch intimate impressions of nature. It brings a sense of peace.

"Painting with beads" is how I describe my work. Beads are my "paint". Needle and thread are my "brushes". My paintings express my sense of place, my deep appreciation for and unique relationship with the shores of Lake Superior and forest trails of Northern Minnesota. From this picture book world I stitch my impressions of the familiar yet ever changing patterns of light and color that delight and excite the senses. Through my work I invite the viewer to share a connection to nature, the abundant variety, peace, and beauty of this Place.

For me life is tactile and labor intensive ... like my beadwork. Embroidery is a patient art form. Choosing one bead at a time and stitching up to a hundred beads per square inch, it can take months to complete a piece.

Stitching is the natural choice of artistic expression for me. My skills with needle and thread have been developed and practiced for more than 40 years. Beads have been my medium for two decades and my passion for them has continued to grow along with my palette of these tiny, shiny orbs. The way light plays in and on the glass creates amazing color possibilities.

In early 2001 I began working with a patterned knit and felted wool material developed by Lou Ann Forbes of Blue Sky Prairie Textiles in Illinois. This material most certainly added the color, depth and texture I sought for my work and become an integral part of the finished image. I was awarded a Minnesota State Arts Board Grant to work with Ms. Forbes, designing fabrics for several pieces. Since then I have explored some new techniques to create the foundation for my bead embroidery. Making needle felted and wet felted wool fabrics allows for a range of simple to complex backgrounds for the beads.

While I continue to explore beads and fiber as my medium, I produce images that express my personal experience, the inspiring moments of being here, where every sense is open to the magnificence of this place.

My beaded landscapes have found homes throughout the region, state, country, and Europe. I would be happy to talk with you about a commission piece for your collection.